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Вся информация о Sanctuary - характеристики, описание на русском, требуемые скилы

Тип: Normal Макс лвл: 10 Цель: Place
Тип атаки: Magic Сбивается: True Элемент: Holy
Ударов: 1 Дальность: 9 АоЕ: —
Отталкивание: 1 Свой Def: — Макс. кол-во: —
Тип дамага: NoDamage, IgnoreTargetDefense
Описание Sanctuary:
Required For: Safety Wall (L3).
Max Level: 10
Type: Active
SP Cost: 12 + 3*SkillLV
Target: 1 cell
Range: 9 cells
ATK Type: Holy, Long Range, Area, Magic attack
Cast Time: 5 sec
Cool Down: None
Duration: 1 + 3*SkillLV sec
Catalyst: 1 Blue Gemstone
Effect: Creates a 5x5 area sanctuary effect around the targeted cell. Characters and non-undead/demon monsters within the sanctuary are healed (see amount below) once a second unless at Maximum HP.
Undead property and Demon family monsters take Holy property damage equal to half the sanctuary's heal, rounded down and are knocked back out of the effect each time. The maximum number of valid healing targets is equal to 6+2*SkillLV, the maximum number of valid damage targets is equal to 3+SkillLV.
The spell affecting one player or monster once is counted as 1 target. If it affects a player or monster more than once, then it will count as a valid target more than once. If the maximum number of valid targets is exceeded, the spell will come to an end prematurely.
Valid targets are determined by the following priority:
1/ Player with Current HP less than Maximum HP.
2/ Non-Undead property/Demon family monsters with Current HP less than Maximum HP.
3/ Undead property and Demon family monsters.
Multiple Sanctuaries can be stacked on each other and as long as the maximum number of valid targets is not exceeded, each will last to their full duration.
Note: Sanctuary is the one of the two only means of healing the Emperium in the War of Emperium battles. While it is a skill that is by no means essential to have in a War of Emperium priest, have one or more priests with a high level of the skill in a guild could be very useful.

[LV 1] 100 HP, 50 Damage
[LV 2] 200 HP, 100 Damage
[LV 3] 300 HP, 150 Damage
[LV 4] 400 HP, 200 Damage
[LV 5] 500 HP, 250 Damage
[LV 6] 600 HP, 300 Damage
[LV 7] 777 HP, 388 Damage
[LV 8] 777 HP, 388 Damage
[LV 9] 777 HP, 388 Damage
[LV 10] 777 HP, 388 Damage
Максимальный уровень: 10
Требования: Лечение 1
Класс: Вспомогательный
Объект: Земля
Описание: Освящает участок земли святым духом. У всех персонажей на этом участке восстанавливаются HP.
HpCost: 0
HpPercentCost: 0
RequiredAmmoAmount: 0
RequiredAmmoTypes: 0
RequiredState: 0
RequiredWeapons: 99
SpCost: 15:18:21:24:27:30:33:36:39:42
SpiritSphereCost: 0
SpPercentCost: 0
ZenyCost: 0
Необходимые скилы
Priest Heal (1)
Требуется для
Priest Safety Wall (3)
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