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Tarot Card of Fate

Вся информация о Tarot Card of Fate - характеристики, описание на русском, требуемые скилы

Tarot Card of Fate
Тип: Normal Макс лвл: 5 Цель: Enemy
Тип атаки: Misc Сбивается: False Элемент: Neutral
Ударов: 1 Дальность: 9 АоЕ: —
Тип дамага: NoDamage, IgnoreTargetFlee
Описание Tarot Card of Fate:
Tarot Card of Fate
Max Level: 5
Type: Active
SP Cost: 40
Target: 1 Enemy
Cast Time: 1 sec
Cool Down: 3 sec
Effect: Draw a Tarot card to foresee fate. There are 14 different cards, and the success rate depends on the skill level.
[LV 1] 8% Success Rate
[LV 2] 16% Success Rate
[LV 3] 24% Success Rate
[LV 4] 32% Success Rate
[LV 5] 40% Success Rate
The Tarot Cards:
The Fool: Mental disease. Beginning.
-Enemy's SP reduced to 0. Right Side.
The Magician: Taking action. Awareness.
-Reduces enemy MATK by half for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.
The High Priest: Withdrawal. Mystery.
-Removes all buffs. Opposite Side.
The Chariot: Victory. Hard control.
-Deals 1000 DEF-ignoring damage. Randomly destroys one piece of armor. Opposite Side.
Strength: Misled strength. Loss of confidence. Destruction of the nation.
-Reduces enemy ATK by half for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.
The Lovers: Farewell. Discovered cheating on someone.
-Randomly teleports the caster (on maps that allow teleport) and heals 2000 HP. Opposite Side.
Wheel of Fortune: Destiny. Turning point. Movement.
-Randomly causes the effects of two other Tarot cards. Opposite Side.
The Hanged Man: Letting go. Giving up. Sacrifice.
-Stun, Frozen, or Stone Curse regardless of anything else. Opposite Side.
Death: Ending. Bad luck. Unexpected catastrophe. Difficulty.
-Receive Curse, Coma, Poison, all at once. Right Side.
Temperance: Impossible to control. Tiredness. Stubborn. Vanity.
-Causes Confusion for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.
The Devil: Obsession. Danger of sickness. Inevitable curse. Hopelessness.
-Deals DEF-ignoring 6666 damage, halves ATK and MATK for 30 seconds, and causes Curse. Right Side.
The Tower: Accidents. Loss of command. Failure. Sudden changes. Loss of judgment.
-Deals DEF-ignoring 4444 damage. Right Side.
The Star: Destruction of hope. Sad future. Chaos.
-Causes Stun for 5 seconds. Opposite Side.
The Sun: Destruction of the land. Dissatisfaction. Chaos.
-Reduces ATK, MATK, HIT, Flee Rate, and DEF by 20% for 30 seconds. Opposite Side.
Карты Судьбы
Максимальный уровень: 5
Требования: Концентрация 10, Дисгармония 3
Описание: Накладывает на цель эффект, выбираемый случайно при помощи одной из 14 карт Таро.
Вероятность использования зависит от уровня умения. После использования умения - задержка 3 сек.

[Уровень 1]: Вероятность 8%
[Уровень 2]: Вероятность 16%
[Уровень 3]: Вероятность 24%
[Уровень 4]: Вероятность 32%
[Уровень 5]: Вероятность 40%
HpCost: 0
HpPercentCost: 0
RequiredAmmoAmount: 0
RequiredAmmoTypes: 0
RequiredState: 0
RequiredWeapons: 99
SpCost: 40
SpiritSphereCost: 0
SpPercentCost: 0
ZenyCost: 0
Необходимые скилы
Clown Attention Concentrate (10), Dissonance (3)
Gypsy Attention Concentrate (10), Ugly Dance (3)
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