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Bio Cannibalize / Summon Flora

Вся информация о Bio Cannibalize (Summon Flora) - характеристики, описание на русском, требуемые скилы

Bio Cannibalize
Тип: Normal Макс лвл: 5 Цель: Place
Тип атаки: None Сбивается: False Элемент: Neutral
Ударов: 1 Дальность: 4 АоЕ: —
Отталкивание: — Свой Def: — Макс. кол-во: 5
Тип дамага: NoDamage
Описание Bio Cannibalize:
Bio Cannibalize
Max Level: 5
Type: Active, Level selectable
SP Cost: 20
Target: Cell
Range: 4 cells
Cast Time: 2 sec
Cool Down: 0.5 sec
Duration: 35 + 5*SkillLV sec (only 60 sec at LV 5 confirmed)
Effect: Summon various plants to attack monsters or players. The level you have determines the HP of the plant, while the level you use determines the type of plant summoned, the duration, and the amount of Plant Bottles consumed.
The HP formula is 2230+200*Possessed SkillLV per plant (yes, these have significantly more HP than normal ones), all other stats remain the same. If you have less than the total amount of bottles required for the Skill Level you used, it will take the rest of the bottles, and summon that many plants.
So if you have three plant bottles, and use level one, you>ll end up with three Mandragora instead of the typical five. When used during the War of Emperium, the defense value of the castle the plants are in raises the defense of the plants themselves.
Their attacks are considered extensions of your own when it comes to a single thing: auto-cast spells granted by weapons or cards. Status effects and damage increasing cards do not carry over to the plants.
You can only summon more plants once your first plants have died, or gone through their duration time. So long as you remain on screen with them, you will get the experience for their kills.
An effective strategy for all the plants is to summon them, hit/target a monster, and then use a Hiding accessory once the monster is in range of your plants.
Monsters will not attack your plants, thus rendering them sitting ducks until your plants have had their way with them, provided they>re not insect or demon type monsters.
The attacks are of neutral element with the occasional elemental attack corresponding to the plants element. The HIT/Flee stats below are what's required of players to hit/dodge them, not the HIT or Flee of the plant itself.
[LV 1]
5 Mandragoras, 5 Plant Bottle
ATK: 26-35
Element/size: Earth 3/medium.
HIT: 44
Flee: 123
ASPD: Fairly slow.
Range: 4
Tip: Long lasting, use them with autocast weapons and to decrease Flee. Blocked by Pneuma.

[LV 2] 4 Hydras^, 4 Plant Bottle
ATK: 22-28
Element/size: Water 2/small.
HIT: 48
Flee: 129
ASPD: Quite fast.
Range: 7
Tip: Use them with autocast weapons. Blocked by Pneuma.

[LV 3] 3 Floras, 3 Plant Bottle
ATK: 242-273
Element/size: Earth 1/large.
HIT: 72
Flee: 144
ASPD: Average.
Range: 3
Tip: randomly casts HP drain to replenish its HP.

[LV 4] 2 Parasites, 2 Plant Bottle
ATK: 215-430
Element/size: Wind 2/medium.
HIT: 109
Flee: 214
ASPD: Somewhat fast.
Range: 8
Tip: High Range. Blocked by Pneuma.

[LV 5] 1 Geographer, 1 Plant Bottle
ATK: 467-621
Element/size: Earth 3/medium.
HIT: 143
Flee: 199
ASPD: Average.
Range: 3
Tip: randomly casts a 1024 HP Heal on allies. On specific servers (Aegis) in PvP only heals you if you>re in a party, it>s required for the Geographer to recognize you as a valid target for healing even if you are the only member.

Максимальный уровень: 5
Требования: Изготовление Зелья 6
Класс: Вспомогательный
Объект: Земля
Описание: Вызывает монстра-растение, атакующего противника. Уровень умения влияет на максимальное HP монстра. Требуется 1 Растение-людоед.
Чем выше уровень умения, тем более сильных монстров можно вызвать. Одновременно можно использовать только один вид монстров. Чем меньше уровень умения, тем больше монстров. На 5-м уровне призывается один монстр.
HpCost: 0
HpPercentCost: 0
RequiredAmmoAmount: 0
RequiredAmmoTypes: 0
RequiredState: 0
RequiredWeapons: 99
SpCost: 20
SpiritSphereCost: 0
SpPercentCost: 0
ZenyCost: 0
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Alchemist Pharmacy (6)
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